4 ways to charge a smartphone when there’s no power

Something like this probably happened to you more than once: You were left with no electricity, and at the same time your phone battery went dead. Fortunately, you can relax, because now there is a solution for that.

Always charge your mobile phone with the original charger, but if you find yourself in a crisis, you can try out the following methods:

Spare battery

It is the easiest and most efficient way to charge smartphones without chargers. You can charge the spare battery in advance when you have power and then use them later to power the phone (and other devices) if you do not have a power outlet or power. They can be bought online or in specialized stores.

Solar panels and chargers

Thanks to this small device, you can charge your phone with solar power. Simply expand the panels and turn them towards the sun to first charge the device itself (which should take about 10 hours), then you can charge the phone. It is a very affordable variant, more reliable than spare batteries because it does not require a power outlet.

Hand lever

This device is the most appropriate way of delivering energy to your phone. The size of the device is roughly the same as the size of the smartphone, and has a pull-out lever to charge the phone. Charging the phone in this way requires a lot of work – exactly three hours of turning. But, if you need to make an emergency call, one lever move is enough to talk for 30 seconds.

Air turbine

Two electricians designed the world’s first portable air turbine phone charger, which allows owners to charge their smartphones with the power of wind. The device is placed by pulling the aluminum legs and spreading them on a flat surface in the shape of a tripod. On top there is a three-bladed air turbine, providing the ecological energy for a generator that can be supplied with 15 watts of power. There is also an internal battery that can store energy if you do not need it immediately. The creators of this invention claim that, when fully charged, the turbine can charge the phone four to six times.