How the Marijuana Industry is Moving Towards Legalization in Canada?

The Marijuana Industry has raised a lot of eyebrows in the last few years as investors see the potential profits associated with the ending of prohibition.  Canada is the first G7 country that has committed to legalizing marijuana at the Federal level. Canada’s medical marijuana legislation created a lot of speculation regarding the government’s process … Read more

Where Norway gets so much money and why they don’t like to spend it?

At general election in Norway, held in 2014, a conservative leader Erna Solberg has won over Jens Stoltenberg a Labourist prime minister. Once she starts leading the country she will be faced with a much different problems then the most of the colleagues in the world. Instead of thinking about crisis and saving, she will … Read more

First Country in Space – How will life look like in it?

In October last year the scientists have founded a first space nation called Asgardia, and until now almost 250 000 applications for citizenship have arrived, coming from 217 Earth based countries. The goal of this nation is creation of “peaceful society”, the access to space technologies and protection of Earth from the space threats such … Read more

Pornography in China is banned, but how do the Chinese cope?

Pornography has a strict ban in China. Those who create, share and sell this kind of content can even get a lifetime sentence in jail, according to the Chinese criminal law. Despite the ban, it is of course virtually impossible to ban pornography, especially in huge country such as China, so of course pornography in … Read more

1816: The Year Without Summer

1816 has also been called summerless year and it was the most bizarre year since the dawn of meteorology in the United States and Canada. While January and February have been pretty standard that year, in March, a cold wave has arrived, and then in April and May the rain was falling virtually every day, … Read more