Biggest Fall Fashion Trends of 2017

Another season is coming our way and we all celebrate it as the time when we get to take out our comfy sweaters, colorful rain boots and all the layering pieces we can find in our closet. Unlike summer, when you have to strategically choose one or two pieces that you will wear during the day, or winter where everything is covered up with a huge, warm coat, fall is absolutely the perfect time to strut down the street showing off all of your fashionista expertise. And just like every season before this one, designers have come up with some must-haves for this fall, and you might have some of them in your closet right now.

Plaid? Check!

A lot of people say that the warmer, muted colors of fall naturally bring along some patterns, but a few oldies are coming back big time: expect to see check and plaid patterns on every store shelf during the season, and quite a bit of houndstooth as well. The prints are extremely easy to wear and pair up with other plain-colored clothes, so they are the perfect layering piece for the colder days. If you don’t want to splurge a lot of money on something new, remember that these prints have been in style for a very long time so going into your mother or grandmother’s closet might yield some great results – and retro is always in style!

All the reds

With the color red taking the absolute spotlight during the fashion weeks by having more shades than any other color in the top 10 list of colors for the fall of 2017, you should learn a few tricks on how to incorporate it into your closet. If you don’t want to call too much attention to yourself, then wearing a red detail with an otherwise neutral-toned outfit will give you a little bit of flavor without being overpowering. On the other hand, if you want to make a real statement, then wearing a piece like an ankle-length grenadine coat, a burgundy dress or a bright cherry shirt will definitely do the trick. Make sure you match the tone to the occasion: muted, darker tones for every day and bright, vibrant tones for special occasions – but of course, both will work if you know how to pair it with the rest of the outfit.

Midi skirts are back

The trends go back and forth as far as skirt length goes, but this season we are swinging back to the midi, which is always a good addition to women’s fashion. Wearing a midi length lets you stay a bit more modest and appropriately dressed for nearly any occasion, while at the same time not covering you up completely. And if you choose the right model, like a pencil skirt with a structured suit (which are also a big trend this season), you will be able to show off your figure like never before! Go for a fitted look if you want to look more professional, or a flared, A-line type for a more casual, girly look. Feel free to play around with different prints, colors and styles, because midi skirts have made their mark over the years, and each style has brought something unique to the table.

Of course, all of the trends set by designers and stores are simply guidelines, and it is up to us to construct our own style and wear what we feel best in. However, it’s never wrong to take inspiration, copy a look or even try something that is completely “out of your style” if you like it! Stay true to yourself and what you like and you will be well on your way to a wardrobe that can always make a statement, and fit in with any of the trends put forth by the industry. Have fun trying out new things and taking them for a walk around the town, because you never know when you will find your next power look.