First Country in Space – How will life look like in it?

In October last year the scientists have founded a first space nation called Asgardia, and until now almost 250 000 applications for citizenship have arrived, coming from 217 Earth based countries.

The goal of this nation is creation of “peaceful society”, the access to space technologies and protection of Earth from the space threats such as asteroids.

As any adult regardless of gender, nationality, race, faith and financials could apply for nationality of Asgardia, Russian scientist and the leader of this nation Igor Ashurbeyli was swamped with applications for citizenship, so he had to add a filter which includes date of birth and applicant’s home address.

From 250 000 people, 83% are men, and when it comes to the country of origin, the highest number of people who applied come from China, about 28 000, including famous artist from Hong Kong – Raven Sin.

“I would really like to see whether human beings are capable of grasping a chance for expressing their opinions. The society we live in now, which leads either to capitalism or communism is filled with conflicts” – Sin has said.

John Spiro, digital marketing expert which organizes monthly meetings for Asgardians in Hong kong has said that he is interested in this, because he sees it as an opportunity for sending personal data into space.

Asgardia will build its first physical presence in space via series of satellites, and first satellite will be launched on September 12th, 2017. –  Ashurbeyli has announced earlier this month.

“We want to give opportunity to everyone who has a mind, or something to project”. – Ashurbeyli said for CNN.

“Our real home isn’t a house or city we are born. Our home is planet Earth and we want to protect it. That’s not a fantasy. Colonization of Mars, Galaxy or similar, that’s actually a fake. My goal is to create something real”.

53-year-old astronautic engineer says he finances the project on his own, but he kept the level of investment to himself.

He was inspired by a discussion about laws that mandate affairs such as murder, marriage and divorce in space.

“I thought: Why not organized country? Not just for lawyers, but for technicians, engineers, for every man, because people are now limited by laws from their country of origin” – Ashurbeyli explained.