The Island That Doesn’t Exist – Only 1000 People A Year Can Land On It

Mediterranean Sea hides a small island that belongs to Italy, and it is ideal for hiding treasure, and also allegedly there are different treasures hidden at the island already.

The island of Monte Cristo that has been made famous by French writer Alexandre Dumas in the novel The Count of Monte Cristo hides a legend about hidden treasure that was hidden there by a famous pirate Redbeard.

Monte Cristo attracts numerous tourists that are seeking adventure on their travels, but only 1000 of them per year are allowed to visit this natural paradise.

If you are one of the adventurers that would like to visit this magical place, you need to stand in a line, because the earliest opportunity for visit is in 2019, because the schedule for this and next year has already been filled.

This small island the Italians from Toscana call the “the island that doesn’t exist” and it has been announced as a natural reserve.

Monte Cristo can be visited only through booking a tour which takes place in the Archipelago national park.

Today, on the island there are only a few inhabitants, and lucky tourists who get a rare opportunity to visit the island can actually meet them. Italian government has been charging 50 euros per person for people to visit this national park.