The Tennis Ball Sized Diamond Sold For $53 Million

The largest diamond found in more than 100 years, the size of a tennis ball, was sold for $53 million, CNBC reported. A diamond of 1,109 carats, about 220 grams, was sold yesterday by Canadian company Lucara to the luxury British jewelry store Graff Diamonds.

The diamond, dubbed “Lesedi la rona”, which means “Our light” in the Csana language from Botswana, was excavated from the mine in that country in 2015. It is the largest diamond excavated since 1905.

Lucara hoped to get at least $70 million for the diamond, CNN reported.

The Lucara’s CEO, William Lamb, said that the price paid by Graff exceeded the amount offered at an auction in Sotheby’s last year, but it is less than $63 million that Lucara received for a diamond of 813 carats.

The largest diamond in the world was excavated in South Africa in 1905. Diamond Cullinan of 3,106 carats was then cut into smaller diamonds, some of which are in the crown of the British royal family.