When to Avoid Seafood and Other Dirty Restaurant Secrets

If you are a fan of seafood, you should definitely know that the worst day for ordering fish and other seafood is Monday. Over 80 percent of restaurants, including even those near the sea, don’t have daily supply of fresh seafood so you will probably be eating a few days old fish.


If you decide to choose fried food, than it is very likely that you will be getting a fish that has been fried on already used oil. That’s why you should wait at least Tuesday or any other day of the week, advises famous chef Anthony Bourdain for the Glamour magazine.

Next to it, the chefs are advising that the seafood should never be ordered from a restaurant that is more than 30 miles away from the shore. They consider that a healthy thinking, because most of the fish from these kind of restaurants has been frozen, so it makes it more expensive and less tasty.

Specialized Restaurants

If you plan on visiting a specialized cuisine, it is not recommended ordering anything other than the specialty. For example if you visit a grill restaurant, the logical choice are burgers or ribs, and if you visit a steakhouse, you will order a steak, for Italian restaurants always order pizza or pasta.

This is most importantly because the ingredients for these meals are used the most so they are the freshest. Next to that, usually the chefs in these restaurants have the most experience with making specialty dishes.

Menus, saltshakers and bacteria

The menus that guests use, are almost never cleaned up, so they are a true bacteria source. That’s why it would be good to wash your hands after you decide and finish your order. If this doesn’t seem quite true to you, you will be convinced by a recent study by the US scientists that has come to a conclusion that on average restaurant menu there are over 185 000 of bacteria.

Also salt and pepper shakers aren’t too clean also, so it is wise to use them with a napkin or something.