Who wouldn’t want to know what career that their astrological sign is most compatible with?

I’ve found that interest in this subject ranges from some people who are overly invested in it, to others simply acknowledging some characteristics of it. Overall, everyone does tend to agree that it’s a pretty fun and enlightening to discover more about your star sign!

Unless you are born into a family with the last name of Rockefeller it’s normal to worry about what type of career you might have. Concerning yourself about your future is prudent isn’t it?  As such for those of you that are interested in having a career the more that you know about your personality and how you can embrace your strengths and work on their weaknesses the more likely that you will end up in a career that you find rewarding – both emotionally and financially. Here are the best careers suitable with your sign! (Remember, you don’t have to follow these careers! Not everyone who falls under a certain sign have the same personality.)


Careers they May Be Most Suited to:  Manager, Accountant, Computer Scientist, Businessman, Doctor, Judge

People born under this sign are hardworking, diligent, and are highly intelligent. They mainly take on leadership roles and work in fast pace environments, because they excel in getting the job done no matter how challenging it might be. Work tends to be a Capricorn’s priority.


Careers they May Be Most Suited to: Engineer, Scientist, Research Analyst, Economist, Journalist, Dentist

An Aquarius uses their mind over their heart, so thriving in the workplace comes easy to them. They are full of curiosity and good vibes! If they aren’t happy in a career, trust me, they won’t stick around for long. They are very talkative, with many of them being extremely independent.


Careers they May Be Most Suited to:  Artist, Designer, Social Worker, Therapist, Nurse, Architect, Creative Director, Journalist, Healthcare Specialist

Pisces are highly creative and are known to have a high degree of patience.  They tend to be sensitive which may hinder them from taking leadership roles, but they are very witty, have vivid imaginations and are huge dreamers! Pisces are also known for being highly intuitive!


Careers they May Be Most Suited to:  Manager, Architect, Financial Analyst, Surgeon, Sales Associate, Police Officer, Attorney

People who fall under the sign Aries are strong-willed, assertive, and VERY, VERY, competitive. They will stop at nothing to get what they want and will never back down. These traits tend to lend themselves well to leadership positions – something they are very well suited for.


Careers they May Be Most Suited to:  Banker, Manager, Designer, Landscaper, Personal Shopper and…. Professional Food Taster (if you want)

Tauruses are dependable, creative, and take pleasure in the finer things in life! They gravitate to jobs that are slow pace and less stressful. They don’t tend to do well in fast pace environments because they are very stubborn and many don’t do well with criticism. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t hardworking. Tauruses are fixed signs and are very determined with extremely strong work ethics.  Also, nobody loves food more than a Taurus, so food related careers ar


Careers they May Be Most Suited to:  Project Manager, Public Relations, Communications Specialist, International Relations, Speech Interpreter, Sales Associate, TV Host, Actress

Gemini’s absolutely LOVE to talk! Gemini’s also have a hard time remaining stationary one place and are prone to getting bored easily.  This is why they are best served in careers in sociable environments. As an air sign, they are naturally charming and witty!


Careers they May Be Most Suited to: Nurse, Social Worker, Teacher, Psychologist, Guidance Counsellor, Artist

Cancers are known as the “mother” of the zodiac, and they are natural born nurturers. They are protective and trustworthy, but can often let their emotions get the best of them. They are excellent care-givers and known to be very creative! As a water sign, Cancers are known for their creativity!


Careers they May Be Most Suited to:  Actor, Designer, Special Events Coordinator, Sales Representative, Television Personality, Businessman, Model

Leos LOVE the spotlight and love taking on leadership roles that are to their benefit! They are also people-person’s and natural born charmers! They have success on television and tend to be well-known in their careers. They tend to be independent in the work-place at times, but that is because they have different ideas than others and wouldn’t prefer working with a group if their ideas aren’t acknowledged.


Careers they May Be Most Suited to:  Researcher, Engineer (all types), Accountant, Doctor, Producer, Investor, Manager, Director

Virgos are ideal employees. Like Capricorns, Virgos take on tough roles and are overly intelligent. They are neat, perfectionists, and are always aware of detail and making sure things are organized and on point! They have success in any career they choose, as long as they choose to work hard and be dedicated.


Careers they May Be Most Suited to:  Fashion Designer, Stylist, Public Relations, Communications Specialist, Event Planner, Sales Associate

Libra’s are known for being charming and sociable, and are a sign that takes great pleasure in the finer things in life. Libra’s are also known to have a great sense of style.  They tend to seek jobs that puts them in social situations and are consumer oriented. Like Gemini’s, they love to talk and meet new people.


Careers they May Be Most Suited to:  Detective, Creative Director, Market Analyst, Event Planner, Lawyer, Engineer

Scorpios are known for their highly smart, intuitive ways, curiosity, and unyielding determination. Once a Scorpio starts something, it’s priority number one to finish it. Additionally, a Scorpio is also extremely good at getting what they want. With their extreme and intense personalities, they seek careers requiring thought and jobs that lend themselves to helping them to get ahead personally and not just professionally.


Careers they May Be Most Suited to:  Public Relations, Personal Trainer, Ambassador, Travel Agent, Club Promoter, Judge

Sagittarius people are outgoing, generous, and definitely have no problems having fun! They are easy going and friendly. Individuals born under this sign should definitely stick to jobs that are sociable, entertaining, and fun. If a Sag is not happy with their job, they’ll either try to make the best out of a bad situation or simply quit and find a new job that makes them happy!