Find out more about government assistance for your family.   Get information on your state benefit programs and learn how to successfully apply for housing grants and rental housing assistance.  Billions in assistance is available.

For families living on a low-income salary it’s often a struggle simply to maintain a minimum standard of living.  Everyday expenses such as food, shelter, and even water become daunting obstacles that make life much more challenging.  Unable to even meet the demands of your daily living expenses results in increasing debts that make you feel like you are constantly swimming upstream against a strong current.


Thankfully there are programs from the U.S. government and other non-profit organizations  that provide financial assistance to help low-income families afford life’s necessities, all while working on securing a better future for themselves and their families.  Federal and non-federal debt relief grants can often help lessen the financial pain and improve the outlook for families in need.

Affording a home or rental property is often a monumental undertaking for families living on a low income. Increasing debts and late bill payments can result in evictions and homelessness in the most extreme cases. The federal government, as well as many non-profit organizations, offer debt relief grants for housing to aid those in need. The following are some of those organizations that provide help to people in situations like these. Don’t hesitate to reach out if one of them resonates with you.

Daily expenses and monthly bills for items such as cable/telephone/internet, transportation, and fuel, groceries, home repair work, etc. have a considerable impact on one’s pocket book.  These expenses consume a large portion of a families income resulting in nothing left over once these are satisfied. The following financial relief grant programs are available to help families meet their everyday needs: