So just what exactly are the best careers for women? According to research women rate the public relations, consulting services, and pharmaceutical industries as those that give them the greatest job satisfaction. The careers women are most likely to recommend to other women are accounting, consulting services, and information services.

As a fact women look for different qualities to fulfill them when it comes to their career. Some are looking for jobs that pay well. Others are more interested in careers that allow them to enjoy a good work-life balance, while others are a bit more idealistic and aspire to make a difference in the world or exercise their creative talents.

Below are 25 of the most rewarding careers for women based on the different features and qualities women look for in their working lives.

Highest-Earning Careers Women


Average salary: $161,969 (Payscale)* As the leader of her company, a chief executive officer generally makes or signs off on the most important decisions involved in advancing the company’s directives and goals. It’s imperative that she is a strong leader and possesses decision-making, planning, and other skills. Daily responsibilities can vary a lot depending on the specific organization, industry, and mission.


Average salary: $124,170 (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Pharmacists are licensed health care providers who prepare and distribute medications, provide drug information, and store, organize, and evaluate drugs. Most of the time they work closely with physicians to educate patients and manage and coordinate medications.


Average salary: $81,792 (Payscale) Attorneys work with legal matters in a diverse array of scenarios. Often they represent clients in cases concerning business deals, contracts, rights, and criminal defense or prosecution. Attorneys practice within an assortment of specialties and locations, such as government, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, private practice within law firms, and large and small companies.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Average salary: $139,220 (BLS) Computer and information systems managers (or IT managers) plan, oversee, and trouble-shoot activities pertaining to computers and technology, usually within an organization or branch of an organization. They generally create and implement technology programs, educate the users (other employees) within the organization on how to use them, and help figure out solutions for problems regarding technology.


Average salary for general physicians: $140,706 (Payscale) Average salary for general surgeons: $258,736 (Payscale) Physicians work in a range of scenarios usually comprising hospitals and clinics. Their prime mandate is to help patients with their physical health and diagnose and treat illnesses. Most physicians practice a specialty or see specific types of patients. For example, a general physician or practitioner (GP) supports the general health and wellness of patients, performing routine checkups and often schedule initial treatments before referring them to specialists for further treatment if needed. For example an obstetrician-gynecologist works with women’s health, conducting gynecological exams, assisting women with pregnancies and delivery, and diagnosing and treating illnesses related to women’s health. A surgeon is a physician who performs surgeries. Some surgeons also have specialties, such as an orthopedic surgeon, who works with bone-related surgeries, while others perform different types of surgeries.

Low-Stress Careers for Women Who Require a Work-Life Balance


Average salary: $75,920 (BLS) Audiologists work in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, and schools. They are primarily tasked with diagnosing and administering treatment regarding hearing. Particularly in young patients, audiologists administer hearing tests to monitor hearing.

Dental Hygienist

Average salary: $74,070 (BLS) Working in dentists’ offices, dental hygienists clean and prepare patients’ teeth for a dental examination. They also are tasked with providing a preliminary evaluation of the patient’s teeth and assisting the patient with her oral health and hygiene.


Average salary: $89,850 (BLS) Also known as geoscientists, geologists perform research regarding the physical attributes of the Earth. Often, they perform fieldwork in remote locations in order to study the Earth’s composition and other aspects of its structure and history.

Food Technologist

Average salary: $71,990 (BLS) Food technologists, study, analyze, and research foods, food processes, and food composition. Depending on the specific goals of the organization for which a food technologist works, she may determine the nutritional content of foods, search for new food sources or ways of developing foods, and work with methods of cultivating, preserving, storing, distributing, and providing information about foods.


Average salary: $58,520 (BLS) Librarians assist library users with finding sources and information and performing research. Their work is often dependant upon on the setting, which could be a public library, an academic library at a college or university, schools, or other facilities. Some librarians specialize in particular services. For example, some librarians may work with reader’s advisory, helping readers discover books that suit their interests and creating lists of works within genres. Others may specialize in technologies that assist users with research or deliver information.

Careers for Women with Enjoy Being Creative

Art Director

Average salary: $92,500 (BLS) As an art director you can expect to work in creative businesses such as advertising agencies, magazines, television channels and programs, and other like minded companies. Art directors typically are responsible for the planning and creation of the design and style of the artwork featured in the organization’s brand and products. Art directors may even be self-employed and work with a range of products and businesses.

Industrial Engineer

Average salary: $85,880 (BLS) Industrial engineers are responsible for developing systems to streamline production for services and products at companies such as factories. They are also tasked with identifying problems or waste within the ways the companies perform their duties. Their key mandate is to look for ways to improve efficiency and delivery.

Multimedia Artist or Animator

Average salary: $70,530 (BLS) Developing design elements involving animation and other visual effects, a multimedia artist or animator often works on television shows, movies, computer programs, and video games. A multimedia artist or animator can be either self-employed, working on individual projects across various businesses, or work for a specific media organization or corporation.

Fashion Designer

Average salary: $67,420 (BLS) Fashion designers create designs for clothing products and develop plans for executing their designs. They work in settings such as retailers, clothing companies, wholesalers, design firms, and other facilities that produce clothing.

Communications Director

Average salary: $73,659 (BLS) Communications directors are basically the voice of the organizations they represent. They plan and direct campaigns that communicate the business’s image to the general public, develop media and public relations strategies, and map out the messaging and branding of the company. A diverse array of industries and fields require communications directors to serve as their spokespeople and media strategists.

Best Careers for Women Based on Overall Job Satisfaction

Program Manager

Average salary: N/A A program manager develops programs with the purpose of promoting and driving the overall success of an organization. She creates these programs based on the needs and goals of her organization and develops a strategy for how she will execute them. In addition to that she also analyzes the impact they will have on the business.

Product Manager

Average salary: $112,775 (check source) A product manager sits at the cross section of technology, user experience, customer service, communication, and other fields. Product management involves researching what customers want and how to deliver products that will satisfy their needs. Product managers are tasked with the responsibility of developing ideas for products, directing their execution, and analyzing their effect and success.

Sales Rep

Average salary: $63,050 (BLS) Often working in the “field”—an territory that is typically assigned to them—sales representatives pitch the products of the companies they represent, usually to other businesses or wholesalers that use or sell the product they are representing. Sales representatives’ methods of selling their product often vary widely based on the company and industry for which they work, and many receive commission or bonuses based on the number of sales they receive.

Recruiter / HR Manager

Average salary: $60,350 (BLS) Human resources specialists work with an array of issues regarding employees and potential employees. Recruiters look for candidates for open positions, interview them, and hire new workers. Other human resources professionals may be responsible for training sessions of current or new employees, working with payroll and benefits, and developing programs and policies.

Recruiters often work for recruitment agencies on behalf of clients looking to fill open positions or within the organization themselves. Other human resources specialists work primarily within organizations across many different industries.

Managing Director

Average salary: $102,590 for all management positions (BLS)

A managing director is a high-level management or executive position that encapsulates many different specialties and responsibilities. Generally, she reports to a high-level executive within an organization and manages all the day-to-day responsibilities for the business as well as larger organizational efforts.

Best Careers for Women Who Want to Make a Difference

GED Teacher

Average salary: $52,100 (BLS) An adult literacy and high school equivalency diploma teacher (also referred to as a GED teacher) tends to work at a community college, public school, or other community organization and is tasked with aiding students in earning their GED. In general their responsibilities include teaching students condensed versions of the subjects and skills that are normally covered in a high school curriculum and on the GED exam.

Education Director

Average salary for a postsecondary education administrator: $92,360 (BLS) Average salary for an elementary or secondary school administrator: $97,440 (BLS) Education directors’ responsibilities tend to vary based on whether they work in primary, secondary, or postsecondary schools. Generally, they plan and oversee student services, academics, and other administrative functions of their school. At the college or university level, they can also be responsible for managing research activities.


Average salary: $50,800 (BLS) Clergy tend to represent a specific religious faith or denomination and offer spiritual support and guidance to members of their congregation, lead worship, and perform services and functions concerning the beliefs of follows of their religion, such as weddings.


Average salary: $77,030 (BLS) Psychologists work with the cognitive, behavioral, and mental health of individuals. They also study mental health disorders and administer behavioral remedies to patients. They are not licensed to prescribe medications but often work with medical practitioners to manage treatments that involve both therapy and medication. Some psychologists are tasked with performing research or teaching in academic settings, while others provide counseling and therapy to patients.


Average salary: $110,300 (BLS) Working with the eyes and visual processes of patients, optometrists diagnose, treat, and help manage diseases and other problems corresponding to vision. They may also perform routine eye examinations and prescribe aids to help with vision such as glasses or contact lenses.